Carcar Shoe Expo

Carcar shoemakers display their products at a site in Valladolid called the Carcar Shoe Expo. The stalls display footwear of different styles – from sandals to wedges to peep toes to formal shoes – made by members of the Carcar United Footwear Manufacturers Association. Some styles sell as cheaply as a hundred pesos per pair.

At the same time, one or two stalls display quality wooden furniture.The area is just a tricycle ride from any point in Carcar’s central business district and drivers know where it is. If you get tired shopping for footwear, a restaurant within the expo area serves refreshments and meals.If you’re bringing your own car, there’s ample parking inside.



Guadalupe Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring National Park

Guadalupe Mabugnao Mainit Hot Spring National Park Image source: Cebu Vid Library

Did you know that soaking in a hot spring bath gives you the same benefits you get from exercise? Yes, a hot bath can burn fats, improve your skin, and boost your blood circulation. The water in hot springs contain various minerals, including bicarbonate, calcium and sodium,  which assist in opening your peripheral blood vessels, address mild atherosclerosis and hypertension, as well as improve circulation to your extremities. It also contains some amount of chlorides, which is beneficial for central nervous system problems, arthritis and post-traumatic disorders. So, if you want to have your bath hot, check out these wonderful hot springs located just in the backyard of Cebu.

Some 50 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Cebu City is the protected park, which occupies an important watershed forest in the central Mantalongon mountain range. Cottages and pools have been developed for the hundreds of visitors who visit the park every year mainly for its natural hot springs. The park also features a life-size statue of Cebu’s patron saint Sr Sto. Nino, as well as other saints, making it a perfect place for spiritual reflection and meditation. Nature lovers and adventure seekers though will enjoy the park the most as it also features a hill trail that leads to a number of caves, including Cave Moymoy and Cave Lorett.


Carcar Getaway at Ramos Rest House

Last September 9-10 ,2012, we had a getaway in Carcar at Ramos Rest House. It’s a nice place to spend the weekend with friends and family.The house is owned by the Ramos family (I don’t know personally) which is now based in Cebu City and just had their rest house in Carcar rented for people who want to get away from their busy life in the city.
The place is available for everyone but you have to make a reservation or booking for the place first. The family requires the reservation be made 2 days prior the day of arriving in the place.You can have the whole house for a day (24 hours) for only Php4,000.00, with a maximum of 20 heads. And an additional of Php100.00 per exceeding heads. The house is fully furnished. The stove, refrigerator, television set, air conditioning unit and other house tools is okay to use.There’s only one room but with big floor space, with two double deck beds in the two sides of the room and an air condition. in adition there are picture below to identify it. house entrance,billiard table, free to play, here’s there simple but nice pool and lastly just another shot from inside of the house.


Zurna Resort in Carcar

Zurna Resort

Zurna Resort – a hidden gem in Upper Mohon, Can-asujan, Carcar City. Situated on the border of San Fernando and Carcar City, Zurna Resort is a perfect venue if you’re looking for a unique and refreshing oasis from the hustle and bustle of city living. The resort is approximately 40 kilometers or an hour and a half drive from Cebu South Bus Terminal.Offering 180 degrees vista of Cebu’s blue sea and lush mountains, a wonderful retreat is guaranteed. The resort features two large swimming pools with panoramic overlooking views, one is located on the lower level while the other is set on an elevated position. Numerous sun loungers surround the pool area. The upper level pool is ideal for children and adults alike, and the lower level pool features a water slide. The resort takes pride in its comfortable accommodations too. Guests can choose between the family rooms or double rooms. Each room is air conditioned, and offers scenic mountain and pool views. Here are the entrance fee, cottage rental, and room rates. Note: Rates may change without prior notice.


Carcar City’s lead dancer crowned Sinulog 2017 Festival Queen

Image result for festival queen Marla Pino Alforque

CEBU CITY – Carcar City’s lead dancer Marla Pino Alforque was crowned as Sinulog 2017 Festival Queen on Friday night, January 13, at the Cebu City Sports Center. Alforque was also named as Ms. Epson, Ms. Island Souvenirs, Best Solo Performer and Best in Musicality. Alforque will have the chance to travel to Las Vegas, USA and to South Korea.




Amapao or Ampaw (Rice Crispies) is a favorite Cebuano snack that is crunchy, sticky and deliciously sweet with peanuts. It is made from dried cooked rice, usually left-over rice. Usually costs 15php for a pack. There is no other place in Cebu that makes the best Chicharon than Carcar. The posk skin cracklings comes in two variants: the “kubal” or purely pork skin, and the chicharon which still has traces of meat. Whichever you prefer, they always come perfect with plain vinegar.There is Bucarillo and there is bukayo, which are actually products known to be of Carcar’s origin.Bucarillo is basically caramilzed-with-white-sugar cocounut strips available in various pastel colors which include the slightest shade of pink, green, yellow and white. If you are familiar with bukayo, this is a modified version of the said sweet desert.The legendary roasted suckling pig, or the lechon is a top delicacy in parts of the island province of Cebu, and Carcar claims that their take is a cut above the rest. It is sold as a whole pig, in kilograms, or even fractions of a kilogram.While usually the highlight of the lechon is the crisp skin, the meat of Carcar’s lechon is astoundingly tasty, thanks to the juice or sauce of the lechon that was smothered over the meat.Aside from the stalls and delicacy business that can be found; there are alot of roaming vendors carrying their products, and shouting the names of the delicacies, some also go inside buses to sell their products.