Amapao or Ampaw (Rice Crispies) is a favorite Cebuano snack that is crunchy, sticky and deliciously sweet with peanuts. It is made from dried cooked rice, usually left-over rice. Usually costs 15php for a pack. There is no other place in Cebu that makes the best Chicharon than Carcar. The posk skin cracklings comes in two variants: the “kubal” or purely pork skin, and the chicharon which still has traces of meat. Whichever you prefer, they always come perfect with plain vinegar.There is Bucarillo and there is bukayo, which are actually products known to be of Carcar’s origin.Bucarillo is basically caramilzed-with-white-sugar cocounut strips available in various pastel colors which include the slightest shade of pink, green, yellow and white. If you are familiar with bukayo, this is a modified version of the said sweet desert.The legendary roasted suckling pig, or the lechon is a top delicacy in parts of the island province of Cebu, and Carcar claims that their take is a cut above the rest. It is sold as a whole pig, in kilograms, or even fractions of a kilogram.While usually the highlight of the lechon is the crisp skin, the meat of Carcar’s lechon is astoundingly tasty, thanks to the juice or sauce of the lechon that was smothered over the meat.Aside from the stalls and delicacy business that can be found; there are alot of roaming vendors carrying their products, and shouting the names of the delicacies, some also go inside buses to sell their products.



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