Carcar Getaway at Ramos Rest House

Last September 9-10 ,2012, we had a getaway in Carcar at Ramos Rest House. It’s a nice place to spend the weekend with friends and family.The house is owned by the Ramos family (I don’t know personally) which is now based in Cebu City and just had their rest house in Carcar rented for people who want to get away from their busy life in the city.
The place is available for everyone but you have to make a reservation or booking for the place first. The family requires the reservation be made 2 days prior the day of arriving in the place.You can have the whole house for a day (24 hours) for only Php4,000.00, with a maximum of 20 heads. And an additional of Php100.00 per exceeding heads. The house is fully furnished. The stove, refrigerator, television set, air conditioning unit and other house tools is okay to use.There’s only one room but with big floor space, with two double deck beds in the two sides of the room and an air condition. in adition there are picture below to identify it. house entrance,billiard table, free to play, here’s there simple but nice pool and lastly just another shot from inside of the house.



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